2D Storage Tubes

2D Storage Tubes Terms Explained

Our 2D storage tubes are ideal for the most effective solution to your quick, reliable and safe sample storage.

2D Storage Tubes

It is a tube dedicated for storage purposing management using the ID number in the 2D code at the bottom of the tube.

tubes with a larger surface area on the bottom carry a human readable number that can be visually check around the 2D code.

2D code

2D Storage Jacket Tubes PAT.

It is a tube dedicated for storage purposing management using the ID number in the 2D code at the bottom of the tube.

2D code at the bottom

2D Storage Glass Jacket Tubes PAT.

Borosilicate glass (borosilicate glass) is used for the storage tube material and this is commonly used material in Medical and physics and chemistry application.

It is a container suitable for granular material storage.

Glass Jacket Tubes

Address code tube

The bottom is a simple storage tube purposed for the management by the number of 96 rack wells.

Glass Jacket Tubes

Black code and White code

2D code is composed of a square arranged in a reticular pattern, which is called a cell, and there is Type A that makes black the cell that distinguishes Code ID, and Type B that makes the cell white.

The kind of 2D code of e.fluidx is carrying out standard use of Data Matrix ECC200, and Type A is used for it.

Since the black cell on a white background is arranged, Type A is called " black code on white base." Data Matrix

Since the Data Matrix code needs the portion (quiet zone) of surrounding space, it will establish a black enclosure in the outside of this portion, and will show the reliable write-in range.

For that reason, we have an advantage to carry out checking and removing any failure in reading and writing a code.

Glass Jacket Tubes

On the other hand, Type B is called " white code on black base." since the white cell on a black background is arranged.

Since it will mix up with the symbol called the alignment pattern of L form if an enclosure is established in the outside of a quiet zone, Type B cannot provide an enclosure likewise Type A.

Type B is generally recommend in order not to put a burden on a scanner when used along with the stock tube with 2D code from other companies, because Type B is more used by the other companies.

Glass Jacket Tubes


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